Juan Miles

Comedian / Writer / Villain


Sometimes, people want to talk to me and put me in some article or interview or podcast or some shit like that and this sort of stuff is generally considered important to your social capital and has more influence on your perceived value than the quality of your work which is great for me because I'd rather become a social media slut than sit down and write jokes.
Anyways, look at all this evidence of how great I am! 

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That comedy podcast

I had  a lot of fun talking to Harrison Engstrom at That Comedy Podcast. We discussed comedy in Argentina, Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos.

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La Media

This one is in Spanish. I'm sorry it is not in english. You should learn Spanish though, it's a very sexy language.

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Review for Villain

Andy is a very nice comedy blogger, He's interviewed me in the past and he came to see my show and loved it because he knows what he's talking about.